Nokia 3310 2017 Settings


New Nokia 3310 Settings
Nokia 3310 2017 Settings - Learn how to settings the new Nokia 3310. You can set up this new Nokia 3310 by do it your self to customise settings for functions and apps to make your device more personalised by configuring various new Nokia 3310 Settings options.

Nokia 3310 2017 Settings

You can configure to use the four way navigation pad on the new 3310. If you don't fancy using the number keys,  and it makes it slightly easier to manage when playing one handed. The new Nokia 3310 navigational key is small though and you'll need to be accurated, check out Nokia 3310 overview to see the buttons and hardware loctions.

Nokia 3310 Settings

You can change the available phone settings on your new Nokia phone. Edit phone settings depending on your settings to make personal make you enoy using Nokia 3310 new editions. You can change the language of your phone, set keyguard to be on or off, and add a welcome note.

Nokia 3310 Call Settings
Nokia 3310 Settings

You can set up Nokia 3310 to be either on or off, and check the status of the setting. You can add phone numbers to lists to be screened or blocked in call settings. Read the Nokia 3310 manual carefully:
  1. Select Menu >Settings > Call settings.
  2. Select a setting you want to change
Nokia 3310 SIM Settings

Select which SIM card to use to make a call or choose the data plan here the Nokia 3310 settings:
  1. Select Menu >Settings > Connectivity > Dual SIM.
  2. To choose which SIM to use for calls, select Call, switch Always ask to Off, and select Preferred SIM.
  3. To choose which SIM to use for messages, select Messaging, switch Always ask to Off, and select Preferred SIM.
  4. To choose which SIM to use for mobile data, switch Mobile data connection to On, and select Mobile data > Preferred SIM.

New Nokia 3310 Settings

You can track your costs when using thhis phone with cost settings. You can set this features as a Call trackers to be On or Off.

Nokia 3310 Feedback Settings

You can send feedback on your phone directly from Settings.
  1. Select Menu >Settings > Feedback.
  2. Give feedback to questions as instructed, and select Send.

Nokia 3310 Message Settings

You can edit the message settings as you like
Nokia 3310 Settings Message:
  • Select Menu >Settings > Options > Message settings.
You can edit general message settings, and settings for text messages, MMS messages and operator
messages separately. If you need to change the text font larger in when sent a SMS messages in Messaging application, here to settings:
  • Select Options >Message settings > General settings > Larger font.

Nokia 3310 Ringtone Settings
New Nokia 3310 Settings

You can choose a new ringtone or message tone.

Manual to change new Nokia 3310 ringtone:
  1. Select Menu >Settings> Tones.
  2. Choose Ringtone.
  3. Scroll to a ringtone.
  4. Press OK.
Is your ringtone too loud or too silent?  The new Nokia 3310 Settings options by select Ringtone volume and scroll left or right.

Change your message tones
  1. Select Menu >Settings> Tones > Messages.
  2. Scroll to a message tone.
  3. Press OK.
Nokia 3310 Wallpaper setting

You can change the background of your home screen with Wallpaper setting.
  1. Select Menu > Settings > Display settings > Wallpaper.
  2. Select Default to see the available wallpapers.
  3. Scroll to a wallpaper and select View to see how it looks on the screen.
  4. Select Choose and then the option to position the wallpaper on the screen.
New Nokia 3310 Settings Font Size

You can change the font size settings on your phone to larger in Font size setting.
  1. Select Menu > Settings> Display settings > Font size.
  2. Select the application where you want to have larger font, Messaging, Contacts, or Menu.
  3. Scroll to the font size you want to use and select Choose.
New Nokia 3310 Security Settings

You can add phone numbers to a list to be blocked and create a closer user group.
  1. Select Menu >Settings > Security settings > Change codes.
  2. Select the code you want to change, either Change security code or Change barr. password.

New Nokia 3310 Date and Time Settings

You can choose if you want to see date and time on the home screen of your phone.
    New Nokia 3310 Settings
  1. Select Menu >Settings > Date and time > Show date and time.
  2. Select On to have them visible on the home screen.
If you want your phone to have time updated automatically, set Auto-update time to On. Other display settings 

New Nokia 3310 Display Settings 

You can edit other display settings too. You can set them on or off and change their features, such as time-out and intensity.

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