New Nokia 3310 Security Settings


New Nokia 3310 Settings
New Nokia 3310 Security Settings -It is said the New Nokia 3310 phone’s update security, key features, like its long battery life, will remain at the heart of the design. HMD is trying to make Nokia great again by going full vintage and re-releasing its best model.The return of a modern classic – the iconic Nokia 3310, reborn with a modern twist on design. All Nokia phones launched will be available in single SIM and dual SIM variants.

New Nokia 3310 Security Settings

The 3310 is mostly known for its durability and long battery life. But regarding security, its only edge over a contemporary device is that it is just a phone, no Play Store, no malware and so on. HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, today unveiled a new generation of Nokia smartphones, setting a new standard in design, quality and user experience throughout the range.

Nokia 3310 Guide

The highly anticipated global portfolio features three new smartphones – the new Nokia 6, delivering performance and immersive entertainment in a premium and extremely robust design; Nokia 5, an elegant smartphone that fits perfectly in your hand; and Nokia 3, which delivers an unprecedented quality at an affordable price point. The new range of Nokia smartphones all run Android Nougat and offer a pure, secure and up to date experience and will all feature Google Assistant. The new 3310’s actual security features, however, are quite a basic security:
  1. Keypad lock
    • This is the equivalent of the lock screen on your contemporary smartphone. However, the phone is locked and unlocked by just pressing the menu button, which makes locking much less of a security feature and more of a way to prevent you from pocket-dialing contacts.
  2. Security code
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    • This Nokia 3310 security code is a code that the phone asks for when you insert a new Nokia 3310 SIM card. The idea is to have some method of authentication, so other people wouldn’t be able just to plug a SIM into your stolen phone and access your messages and call logs. The phones come with the code preset as 12345, but users are allowed – and advised – to change it to another one.
  4. PIN code
    • The PIN’s security function on this phone was limited to securing the SIM card. The device requests it each time it is switched on – which, given its notoriously long battery life, is not supposed to be that often. Entering a wrong PIN three times locks the SIM. Undoing this is done via the PUK code which is supplied by the user’s network carrier.
  5. Changing codes
    • Another cutting edge feature – you can choose your own security code, PIN, PIN2 and barring password. This way you are not stuck with the default ones like 0000 or 1111. However, as you can guess, being able to use just the numbers from 0 to 9 and having just four digits, limits your possibilities to 10,000 combinations.

New Nokia 3310 Security Settings

You can edit the available Nokia 3310 new security settings. You can edit the security settings depending on a setting. You can set them to be either on or off, and check the status of the setting.
You can add phone numbers to a list to be blocked and create a closer user group.
  1. Select Menu > > Security settings > Change codes.
  2. Select the code you want to change, either Change security code or Change barr. password.

Nokia 3310 Tutorials

The relaunch of the 3310 at such an affordable price positions it in a niche of super-cheap phones. Releasing such a device in emerging markets probably makes sense, but not in Europe, where HMD is planning to sell it. The only privacy-related purpose such a phone could have today is to be used by criminals for one-time calls, Breaking Bad style, after which they would throw it away. Nokia 3310 manual open the security settings:
  • Select Menu > Settings and Phone > Phone mgmt. > Security > Phone and SIM card.
Select from the following new Nokia 3310 Security Settings:
  1. PIN code request — When active, the code is requested each time the device is switched on. Deactivating the PIN code request may not be allowed by some SIM cards.
  2. PIN code and PIN2 code — Change the PIN and PIN2 code. These codes can only include numbers. Avoid using access codes similar to the emergency numbers to prevent accidental dialling of the emergency number. If you forget the PIN or PIN2 code, contact your service provider. If you forget the lock code, contact a Nokia Care point or your service provider.
  3. Lock code — The Nokia3310 lock code is used to unlock the device. To avoid unauthorised use of your device, change the lock code. The preset code is 12345. The new code can be 4-255 characters long. Alphanumeric characters and both uppercase and lowercase characters can be used. The device notifies you if the lock code is not properly formatted. Keep the new code secret and separate from your device.
  4. Phone autolock period — To avoid unauthorised use, you can set a time-out after which the Nokia 3310 automatically locks. A locked device cannot be used until the correct lock code is entered. To turn off autolock, select None.
  5. Lock if SIM card changed — Set the Nokia 3310 lock SIM and ask for the lock code when an unknown SIM card is inserted into your device. The device maintains a list of SIM cards that are recognised as the owner’s cards.
  6. Remote phone locking — Enable or disable remote lock.
  7. Closed user group — Specify a group of people to whom you can call and who can call you (network service).
  8. Confirm SIM services — Set the device to display confirmation messages when you are using a SIM card service (network service).
The Nokia 3310 is to make a comeback because of a nostalgia for a phone loved for its hardiness and long battery life. There are still forum threads from the early 2000s lying around, with people explaining how to bypass Nokia 3310 SIM card lock that bounds the phone to a specific service provider by calculating the needed code from the phone’s IMEI. The games features which made it so popular include Snake II, Pairs II, a clock, calculator and the option to store reminders. It was such a beloved phone that it is often a subject of memes and nostalgic images.

Nokia 3310 Update
Since the early days of the 3310 Nokia has attempted to keep up with the wave of new smartphones but more recently has done better by making newer versions of old phones. With Device updates, you can connect to a server and receive configuration settings for your device, create new server profiles, view existing software version and device information, or view and manage existing server profiles.
  • Select Menu > Settings and Phone > Phone mgmt. > Device updates.
If software updates over the air are supported by your network, you may also be able to request updates through the device. You may receive server profiles and different configuration settings from your service providers and company information management department. These configuration settings may include connection and other settings used by different applications in your device.

Receive configuration Nokia 3310 settings
  1. Select Options > Server profiles.
  2. Go to a profile, and select Options > Start configuration.
Create a server profile
  • Select Options > Server profiles > Options > New server profile.
Delete a server profile
  • Select Options > Delete.
Nokia 3310 Reset All Settings

You may want to reset some of the Nokia 3310 settings to their original values as factory reset. All active calls and connections must be ended. Nokia 3310 factory reset instuctions guide:
  • Select Menu > Settings and Phone > Phone mgmt. > Factory settings.
  • To restore Nokia 3310 settings, you need to enter the lock code.
After resetting, the device may take a longer time to switch on new Nokia 3310. Documents and files are unaffected