New Nokia 3310 Manage Contact


Manage Contact on New Nokia 3310
New Nokia 3310 Manage Contact - The new 3310 has a couple of modern features not on the original - you can listen to music and take pictures with the (underpowered) 2MP camera. Learn here how to manage Nokia 3310 contacs and make a calls.

New Nokia 3310 Manage Contact

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How to add contact on New Nokia 3310?

You can manage contact on New Nokia 3310, save and organize your friends' phone numbers by following Nokia 3310 manual:
  1. Select Menu > > Options > Add new contact.
  2. Write the name, and type in the number.
  3. Select Save.
You can select which memory you want to use for storing contacts. Select Options > > Memory.
To save a phone number in the dialer, type in the number, and select Save.

How to make a call with new Nokia 3310?

To make a call with your new 3310 phone, here it is:
  1. Type in the phone number. To type in the + character, used for international calls, press * twice.
  2. Press Call. If asked, select which Nokia 3310 SIM to use.
  3. To end the call, press .
To answer call with new Nokia 3310 just Press Call key.

Save a contact from call log
You can save contacts from call log.
  1. Select Menu > > Received or Missed, depending on from where you want to save the contact.
  2. Highlight the number you want to save, and select Options > Save.
  3. Add the contact's name and Save.
Nokia 3310 Call and SMS
Nokia 3310 Instuctions

Call a contact directly from the contacts list. You can also send messages from the contacts list.
  1. Select Menu > and scroll to a contact you want to call or send a message.
  2. Select the contact and select Call or Send message.
 Nokia 3310 Tips:
  1. To handle your calls hands-free, pair your phone with a compatible Bluetooth headset (sold
  2. To switch Bluetooth on, select Menu > > Connectivity > Bluetooth, and switch Bluetooth
    to On.
  3. If you are in a situation where you cannot answer the phone and you need to silence it quickly,
    select Silence.