Nokia 3310 2017 Review


Nokia 3310 (2017) ReviewNokia 3310 2017 Review - The new 3310 is an iconic feature form Emily global company that owns the rights to broadcast has brought back at MWC 2017. Read here our new Nokia 3310 review about this Classics Phone on modern era on pros and cons you can get.

Nokia 3310 2017 Review

The redesign is solid, for reborn on 2017 Nokia 3310. Let's get closer to this phone look and feel.
We could accept thicker device, and a rear which somewhat resembles the original would have been nice. is also coming to get bak Middle East Africa and Europe so what are these seven things that you've got to know about not category Genesis if you remember the only 3310. If you remember that the hefty study design but this time not constitute a different modern take on it.

Nokia 3310 Camera
They're calling it really bored with a modern twist on design however not getting to maintain the design too. The cameras it's not an exceptionally camera because but getting a camera to a feature phone or see a dump on what they're calling. With 2 megapixel Nokia 3310 camera with LED flash and yes it will not give you exceptional picture. We snapped a few quick pics during our hands on time with the new 3310 and image quality is as acceptable as you'd expect from a low-res camera. There’s no flash, HDR, panorama mode or anything fancier than a simple point and shoot app with a digital zoom. It’s not going to dazzle you then, but we can see it being a handy feature on a secondary smartphone.
Nokia 3310 Camera

Nokia 3310 Display
When it comes to the rounded edges it has a 2.4 inch QVGA display with a curved screen and attempted global says that it is better for reading in sunlight the new so deeply. They also sporting you push buttons and RK series 30 + OS which features a new UI with similarities to the energy and the biggest differentiator between RK 2310 the earlier one.

The New Nokia 3310 display feels like a real blast from the past, but it’s a significant upgrade over the old 3310. The 2017 Nokia 3310 has a 2.4-inch, 240 x 320 full color display which is bright, but hardly crisp. But don’t go trying to tap the menu items because 3310 no touchscreen on this. They’re not blockbuster graphics, but if they were it would ruin the appeal of this phone. Text is perfectly readable though, and the new version of Snake is playable. For a feature phone there's a surprising number of options in the menu of the Nokia 3310, giving it abilities above the basic text messaging and calls.

New Nokia 3310 interface and performance
No Android, Not a Windows 10 Mobile. It is Nokia’s stuck with its feature phone operating system, with the new 3310 running Nokia Series 30+. The classics phones menu like Call Logs, Contacts, Calculator and Messages joined by a calendar, a basic web browser, photos, radio, music player, voice recorder and a camera application. The Nokia app store where you can download games and apps - although it wasn't currently functional during our 3310 hands on time. Learn more how to use this phone by read Nokia 3310 Manual on this site.

New Nokia 3310 battery
The old mother Nokia 3310 was also known for its long battery life. Nokia specifically then is it as that's bring a lot of value to the for the next is battery life when you're thinking of knocking you do expect a certain standard and battery left it alight Emily viewable has fact in 1200 mAh battery life which may picking me up to 22 a doorstop time and standby time off up to one month.

The new Nokia 3310 2017 with a removable 1,200mAh power pack is an instant upgrade over the 900mAh of the original, and thanks to the improvements in phone efficiency the new Nokia 3310 boasts 22 hours of talk time and up to 31 days of standby. That’s a huge upgrade over the 2.5 hours of talktime and 260 hours (around 11 days) of standby on the original Nokia 3310. You can charge the new 3310 with a standard microUSB cable on the top the phone.

Nokia 3310 Wi-Fi
Nothing for new Nokia 3310 Wi-Fi, so you won’t be able to connect to a home or office network for a faster connection either. There is Bluetooth though, along with a music player and a 3.5mm headphone jack on buttom also supports FM video and it comes with mp3play listen to your favorite music to save this music you have 16 mb of internal storage that can be expanded to 32gb and there’s good news for those eyeing up.

Two Cons point is this phone, no wi-Fi and no 4G. The fact, new Nokia 3310 is only 2.5G compatible. That means no 3G or 4G data speeds, resulting in a very basic browsing experience. Certain markets will also be able to download simplified Twitter and Facebook apps, but these weren’t available to use during our hands on.

New Nokia 3310 game
Snake is the power of this new Nokia 3310, but it's had quite an overhaul from the version which graced the original 3310. New Snake Xenzia, as the new version is made by Gameloft and features a series of levels with various map layouts as well as the classic survival mode where you get an uninterrupted square to ply your trade.The snake looks, well more snake-like, and it's all in color for your visual pleasure.
Nokia 3310 Review 2017

If you jump straight into the game you'll find the controls require you to use just the 4 and 6 keys to direct your creature in a similar fashion to slither. Snake purists needn't fear though, as a quick trip to the game's settings menu allows you to select from four different controller options - with the classic 2, 4, 6, 8 directional control present.

You can also opt to use the four way navigation pad on the new 3310 if you don't fancy using the number keys, and it makes it slightly easier to manage when playing one handed. The navigational pad is small though and you'll need to be accurate (and ideally slender fingered) to make the most of it. Snake isn't the only game you can play on the new Nokia 3310 though, with the handset we got hands on with also packing Asphalt 6, Adrenaline, Diamond Twister 2, Doodle Jump and Drag Race. Learn how to improve this phone by reading our Nokia 3310 tutorial.

New Nokia 3310 Color and design
You’ll be able to pick up the new Nokia 3310 Color in the traditional dark blue and grey of the original, but also in the new, psychedelic yellow and ‘warm red’. We managed to check out all four colors during our hands on time, and our favorite was the good old dark blue.

The design is solid, but we can't help but wish Nokia had stuck a little closer to the original 3310 look and feel. The plastic construction feels solid, but only time will tell if it will withstand the kind of beatings the first generation Nokia 3310 survived time and again. The distinctive border around the screen and the layout of the 'num' keys give you the retro throwback, but Nokia has majorly slimmed down and modernized the design making the new 3310 supremely pocketable. It tips the scales at just 79.6g, making it comfortably lighter than the 137g original, and once you slipped it into your pocket you’ll forget it’s even there. We could accept thicker device, and a rear which somewhat resembles the original would have been nice. That our Nokia 3310 2017 Review get next update with us.